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AgStar CropCare (PVT) Limited as a company takes on a new dimension in crop protection solutions. Crop protection solutions creating that ideal environment for healthy plant life. Our range of crop protection solutions with organic fertiliser nutrient inputs find favour with farmers in all corners

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AgStar CropCare (Pvt) Limited focuses on facilitating the success of the country’s agriculture community, through organic products and other product categories, while ensuring the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices.

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Preparing the land and sowing the seed is just half the job done. Plants’ formative period needs careful attention, we provide our farmers with the expertise. 

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Our specialized agri specialists and scientists contantly research in-field dynamics and provide timely solutions to farmers.

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Currently, we market a range of organic products to enrich soil nutrition and composition. Our staff continuously works with the grass-root, swiftly responding to the needs of the farmer, providing not just products tailor-made for them but also cutting-edge know-how on safe and efficient use of crop protection solutions. Our mandate includes the promotion of sustainable Agri initiatives to protect the environment which in turn would lend optimal results to the farmer.

Our CropCare Showcase

Our organic CropCare products, both dry and liquid, are a great boon to the countries quest for sustainable agriculture.

Bio Enriched

Organic Fertilizer

Enriched Bio grow is an organic which contains living micro-organisms which, when applied to plant soil colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. Enriched Bio grow add nutrients through the natural processes of nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphorus, and stimulating plant growth through the synthesis of growth-promoting substances. The microorganisms in Enriched Bio grow restore the soil’s natural nutrient cycle and build soil organic matter. Through the use of Enriched Bio grow, healthy plants can be grown while enhancing the sustainability and the health of the soil. Enriched Bio grow can be expected to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, since they play several roles, a preferred scientific term for such beneficial bacteria is “plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria” (PGPR).

Crop protection


Companion is a highly concentrated liquid Bacillus subtilis (GB03) designed to maintain a disease-free system. Whether you are an established greenhouse grower, a hydroponic hobbyist, a tried and true soil grower, or fall somewhere in between, keeping your plants healthy at all growth stages is a key to success. Once they “set up shop,” these amazing microorganisms also help reduce transplant shock, stimulate root growth, and make nutrients more available for plant uptake.


Compost Fertilizer

Compost is a mixture of ingredients used to fertilize and improve the soil. It is commonly prepared by decomposing plant leaves, Poultry waste, Cow dung, a by-product of the coir industry and adding paddy husk charcoal, eppawala rock phosphate and recycling other organic materials. The resulting mixture is rich in plant nutrients and beneficial organisms. Compost improves soil fertility in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, urban agriculture, and organic farming. The benefits of compost include providing nutrients to crops as fertilizer, acting as a soil conditioner, increasing the humus or humic acid contents of the soil, and introducing beneficial colonies of microbes that help to suppress pathogens in the soil.

Organic Bio Liquid

Form Fertilizer

Bio green is an organic liquid fertilizer for many crops. Besides drenching, Bio green can be used as foliar applications because of its unique formulation. In addition to providing nutrients, Bio green also enhances microbial activity in soil and increases nutrient availability for plants.  Few range of products developed targeting with crops

Bio Green Tea :- Tea and cinnamon crops
Bio green Vege :- Vegetable & Fruit crops
Bio green Turger :- Turmeric and ginger crops
Bio green Bepel :- Betel & Pepper crops

Organic Powder

Form Fertilizer

Star dust is natural substances that can be applied to plants as foliar spraying. The powder which is highly dissolve in water and quickly absorb through plant leaves. These substances cause changes in vital and structural processes in order to influence plant growth through improved tolerance to abiotic stresses and enhance harvest quantitatively and qualitatively. In addition, Stardust reduce the need for fertilizers.

Sea Weed Liquid

Form Fertilizer

A simple and novel process of production of Seaweed extract Fertilizer in a liquid form useful as a unique nutrition source for almost all types of plants. The fertilizer contains mineral nutrients, vitamins, and micronutrients, which enhance plant growth. It can be applied as a foliar spray as an organic nutrition source. Fertilizers derived from seaweeds are found to be superior to chemical fertilizers due to their high levels of organic matter, micro and macro elements, vitamins and fatty acids. Seaweed extracts are allowed as fertilizer for organic farming production practices whereas synthetic chemical fertilizers are prohibited for Organic Food Production. Seaweed extracts can be used as fertilizers for all types of crops.

Agri Nutrition And Crop Protection Solutions​

AgStar CropCare Total Crop protection solutions; enables farmers to grow with confidence.

Plant Growth

Specialty Product

It is completed a premium range of products for all crops to foster growth.


Soluble Powder

Water soluble fertilizers are fertilizers that can be dissolved in water and added or leached out of the soil easily. With water soluble fertilizers it is easy to control the precise amount of nutrients available to your plants (the control is more exact with soilless mixes)



Solutions given full filled to secondary macro and micro nutrition’s requirements for paddy, maize, banana and all vegetables.

Slow/Controlled Released

Fertilizer Granular

Slow- or controlled-release fertilizers are those containing a plant nutrient in a form, which either (a) delays its availability for plant uptake and use after application, or (b) is available to the plant significantly longer than a reference “rapidly available nutrient fertilizer”



An attractive product range has given tremendous solutions to encourage farming in-home Gardening sector Island wide.

Crop protection


Crop protection is the science and practice of managing plant diseases, weeds and other pests that damage agricultural crops like field crops, vegetable crops, fruits and plantation crops. AgStar range of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides used to control the high damages (over economic threshold level) of pest attacked on crops in the fields.



A form of Fertilizer which typically is sprayed directly onto a plant.

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CropCare Product Certifications Showcase

AgStar CropCare has been granted NFS (National Fertilizer secretariat )registration for organic product manufacturing.

ISO 9001 - 2015 certification

ISO 14001 - 2015 certification

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