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Let us introduce you to the source that nurtures new age harvests. From our high-tech centers to working with some of the world’s leading names, AgStar offers a range of seeds that will revolutionize returns.

Seeds that drives


Cultivators seek the best seeds as the volume of harvest hinges on their genetic potential, disease resistance and their compatibility to the agronomical conditions of the area. Seed characteristics integral to crop output depend on factors such as belonging to the Hybrid or the Open Pollinated variety, its germination to purity, its resistance to disease and adaptability to tropical conditions.

AgStar produces and markets seed paddy, other field crop seeds and vegetable seeds. Our partner farmers work with basic paddy seed from the Department of Agriculture, ensuring a steady supply of seeds for the market with hands-on involvement of AgStar’s expert field officers.

Our range of food crops and vegetable seeds are complemented by imports from AgStar’s partner seed companies in the US, Europe and key Asian countries. Much research and development go into ensuring that we source the best seeds from the global market.

Three Processing & Storage Plants

Our state-of-the-art plants in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dehiattakandiya in Sri Lanka facilitate the local processing and storage of seed while our Quality Assurance team keeps a close tab from a Lab in Polonnaruwa, issuing a quality certificate before distribution.

High yielding


Our Maize seed famous in the market as MAXA 999 is a high yielding variety from Indonesia and we have embarked on an ambitious program to help raise the average yield in Sri Lanka from 1550 kgs per acre to reach 4000 kgs in irrigated lands and 2500 kgs in rain-fed Chena cultivations.

Mr. Lakmal Dasanayake
General Manager (Mahaweli)
+94 77 775 7725

Mr. Mahanama Kusumasena
Commercial Manager (Mahaweli)
+ 94 77 793 6444

Best quality


“AgStar Ran Beeja” our Seed paddy brand is positioned to be recognized as the best quality Seed Paddy in the market with the highest in germination and least in impurities and we are committed to making the right variety of seed paddy at the right place at the right time.

Mr. Lakmal Dasanayake
General Manager (Mahaweli)
+94 77 775 7725

Mr. Mahanama Kusumasena
Commercial Manager (Mahaweli)
+ 94 77 793 6444

High quality


Our vegetable seed business comprises of two brands Prith Seed and Agstar seeds. Prith Seed leads the market in the cabbage and capsicum segments and Agstar is the leader in the Beans segment. We provide a variety of high quality imported seeds from Japan, Korea, USA and Asia of more than 20 products including Hybrid and OP seeds.

Mr. Aruna Kumarasinghe
General Manager
+94 77 109 6822

Mr. Asela Indika
Sales Manager
+94 77 772 7331



AgStar Seeds are galvanizing the market, building a reputation of being the drivers of Agri productivity and prosperity.
AgStar produces and markets seed paddy, other field crop seeds and vegetable seeds. Basic seed paddy originates from the Department of Agriculture and the production of seeds is carried out by a network of farmers with buy-back agreements and is closely supervised by trained field staff. Other food crops and vegetable seeds are imported from Global seed companies that are based in the US, Europe and key Asian countries. These companies are professional seed developing organizations that are committed to research and development and are state of the art companies maintaining the world-class standard.

"I discovered
double profits"

Nihal Dissanayake
Farmer from Kandekatiya

It seems like a miracle just how Maxa999 transformed my life, giving me bountiful harvests like never before.

"At long last
I struck gold"

Farmer from Moneragala

Agstar Ran Beeja has opened the door to prosperity for me with my income doubling ever since I shifted to this wonderful seed.