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Call us the soil experts! Our nutrition assures optimal results through balanced plant nutrition taking into account the needs of plant and soil. AgStar offers organic and mineral fertilizers to suit your requirement.

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While energetically supporting Sri Lanka’s migration to a predominantly organic-centric agriculture sphere with the highest-standard organic formulas, AgStar helps achieve optimal crop output with a harmonious balance between organic and mineral by providing world-class nutritional solutions.

"Right fertilizer is
science and an art"

Soil Scientist

In our laboratory we constantly work in ensuring our formulas to stay current with changing seasons.

"It's like and all-season
growth formula"

Agri Researcher

It’s like coming up with the perfect blend for the soil which in turn brings the best out of the crop.

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The success of our fertilizer revolves around fertilizer formula’s efficiency in balancing the well-being of both the plant and the soil. The standing of AgStar fertilizer in the plantation sector affirms it as the trusted choice Superior quality and ready-service sees us making vast strides in other sectors, as well. We offer a complete range of organic and mineral fertilizers suitable for all types of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, home gardens and greenhouses.

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It’s all-cylinders-firing as AgStar channels its R&D resources to complement its organic production output in order to respond to the rising demand. 

A most trusted nutrition supplement for generating a higher yield, AgStar markets a wide range of organic fertilizers in both conventional and enriched forms, bio and mineral  fertilizers in different quantities custom-produced for agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, home gardens and green houses.

Our Organic Fertilizer Showcase

Our lineup of organic fertilizers, both dry and liquid, is constantly evolving to cater to a diverse array of farmer needs.



This is a mixture of cattle manure, poultry manure, food waist and plant compositions. Mainly to improve the carbon nitrogen ratio and EC electrical conductivity in the soils. This will help improve the physical structure of soil and will improve water retention, soil porosity and will increase nutrient availability to plants. Also prevents nutrient leaching or washing away. The Improved soil structure will optimize the use of nutrients available naturally from air, water and organically available or externally provided.



Nutri Keta Compost mixture granulated to improve keeping quality and handling capability to apply to fields.



Compost mixture is enriched with approved organic minerals such as rock phosphates, potassium chlorides and magnesium sources available naturally in Sri Lanka based on meeting the nutritional requirements of different crops.

Agri Silica


Agrisilica soil conditioner is composed of a unique natural form of silicon, sourced from the world’s largest deposit of amorphous silica located in Australia. The high concentration of soluble silicon (26% W/W), which is readily converted in to plant available silicon (PAS), makes Agrisilica soil conditioner unique.
To optimize crop performance, Agrisilica boosts soils by delivering a naturally derived silicon. Agrisilica’s unique structure interacts with soil moisture to form mono silicic acid (PAS). PAS’s 3 point plan to improve crop production and crop quality
1. Photosynthesis and crop health
2. Resilience against crop stress
3. Soil health and improved growing conditions



Compost mixture is enhanced with specific bacteria that are scientifically developed in laboratories to perform specific functions and activities that will enhance the nutritional value of these mixtures providing more nutrients at a faster rate to meet the demands of the crop. There are bacteria available naturally in Sri Lanka that will be extracted through state-of-the-art technologies.

Bio – F

Liquid Fertilizer

Bio-f is a bio-fertilizer produced by incorporating microorganisms that are beneficial for paddy cultivation. In addition to absorbing plant nutrients through the leaves, the microbial groups contained here colonize the plant roots and enhance the nutrient uptake of the crop. In addition, these microorganisms are involved in the production of substances that cause plant resistance

Bio – d

Liquid Fertilizer

Bio-D is a compost accelerator/decomposer. These are concentrated bacteria packages. When applied, they can jump start or bootstrap the decomposition process.

Bio – n

Liquid Fertilizer

Nitrogen is one of the most essential elements needed by plants for their growth and BIO – N high nitrogen and soil beneficial microorganism content makes it an ideal biofertilizer for tea.

Our Crop-based Fertilizer Portfolio

The portfolio of integrated balanced plant nutrition solution for different crops help achieve optimum yields, organically possible, through a mixture of folia and ground application



AgStar provides tea fertilizers for all stages of tea plantations from nursery to mature plants.

Fruit Fertilizer


AgStar fertilizers is in a position to provide organic blends for all fruit crops including banana and papaya. A unique blend is provided for pineapple cultivations under the brand name of pineapple murusi.s



Other fertilizer categories include organic mixtures for maize fertilizer, sugarcane fertilizer, oil palm fertilizer and flower fertilizers.



We meet all requirements of coconut nutrition through organic and bio fertilizer blends.



Vegetable Bio organic portfolio for all vegetable crops grown in different climatic zones like Kalpitiya, North Peninsula, Up-country, Dambulla, Anuradhapura and Low-country.



For paddy sector, we have a range of organic and bio mixtures for ground and folio applications. 

Export Agriculture


As a key driver of the export agriculture sector AgStar offers a variety of organic and bio blends for all export crops including, Cinnamon, Pepper, Betel and Clove.

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