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Exotic fruits from Sri Lanka holds unique characteristics more than what is expressed through appearance and flavour. We share the proven formula of success with our contract farmer network to utilize the rich soil and climatic conditions to ensure optimal taste and freshness of our all-season produce.

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Sri Lanka’s exotic fruits are a lucrative opportunity in the international export stage. A country blessed with favourable weather and excellent water management techniques unique to the island, makes way for a year-around great produce.

AgStar rebuild the lives of Sri Lankan farmers caught in the clutches of poverty by supporting them to find good markets for their produce, our push to the cutting-edge brings forth natural products of exemplary quality and freshness. 

Tropical fruits and vegetables


We are ready to export Sri Lanka’s exotic fruits and vegetables based on demand. Catering to the growing demand for fruits and vegetable export from Sri Lanka, we ensure that our products maintain stellar quality standards with a clear focus on packaging to protect the products during transit and delivery on time. We’d love to hear from passionate distributors around the world.



A food and a drink in a shell, King coconut also known as ‘Thambili’ is indigenous to Sri Lanka. King coconut is filled with electrolytes, and it’s a refreshing drink with many health benefits. Cultivation of King Coconuts does not involve the use of fertilizers or pesticides since these trees usually grow with little or no human intervention in costal parts in the island.



One of the most loved fruits on the planet and one of world’s most traded fruits. The exotic flavour of Vilad Mangoes makes it ubiquitous in super markets around the world. Vilad Mangoes are a great source of nutrients to lower blood pressure and it may be able to reduce inflammation of the heart while it can also stabilize your digestive system.



A unique exotic, tropical fruit with a combination of tangy and sweet flavor. Purple Mangosteen in contrast to the Dark Purple thick outer skin it has a juicy bright white inner flesh. Packed with many essential nutrients, Mangosteen has relatively low in calories. These nutrients are important for maintaining many functions in your body.



A fruit native to south Asia, Rambutan is a sweet fruit that’s closely related to lychee. Rambutan are rich in vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant which helps fight waste products known as free radicals in our body that can damage our cells.



Fresh lime has a high demand around the world for its many uses such as domestic cooking, food processing, indigenous medicine, cosmetics and health care products. Limes are low in sugar and they’re high in vitamin C, which gives it its natural tart, acidic taste with just a slight hint of sweetness. The antioxidants in limes can help lower inflammation and improve heart health.



Big, juicy and more flesh is what you need, we have just the right Mango for you! TJC Mango is the biggest mango you can find on the planet. The unblemished, golden orange look of the Mango and the slow process of ripening makes it an ideal fruit to be exported.



Pineapples are more than just an incredibly delicious exotic fruit. It’s packed with nutrients that can defend our body from harmful free radicals and disease. Pineapples can also clean the body’s organs and blood, increase our energy intake and boosts metabolism to name a few.



The familiarly bright yellow fruit is ubiquitous in supermarkets globally. Hence, it is the most popular fruit in the world that comes with a heap of health benefits. Banana is one of the fruits that’s demanded throughout the year. We ensure our Banana crops offer optimal taste and freshness with stringent processors in place to monitor from hand-harvested and packing.


Drumstick/ Moringa

Known as the fruit of the miracle tree. Drumstick or Moringa is a plant where the seeds, flowers, leaves, and stems are edible and extremely nutritious. Thrive in the dry zone in Sri Lanka, there is a high demand for Sri Lankan drumstick in the foreign market since every part of the plant has food and medicinal value.


Butternut Squash

Favourble weather and climatic conditions make Sri lanka one of the most ideal places to grow Butternut squash. Butternut squash is one of the many fruits that are avialble year-round in Sri Lanka with many nutritional benefits from keeping your blood pressure in check while reducing the risk for stroke and heart disease. 



Pumpkin mostly grown under favourable rainy weather it is a delicious fruit that’s commonly taken for a vegetable. Pumpkin is packed with vitamins and minerals, and it’s relatively low in calories. Nourished by the rich soil, pumpkin is grown year-round making it a popular crop among farmers between the two main paddy harvests.


Cassava & Tapioca

Cassava was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Dutch for the first time and ever since it has become one of the most important food source of energy for people in the country today. Cassava is a famous staple food crop around the world. Tapioca is made from cassava starch and it’s gaining popularity for a gluten-free alternative to wheat and other grains.