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Fabled from time immemorial as the world’s Garden of Eden, Sri Lanka is a haven for tropical riches – from exotic fruits and vegetable to the world’s finest tea and spices. AgStar is a buyer’s paradise for natural products of exemplary quality and freshness.


Coconut is the world’s new wonder food and we can supply value-added products from this tropical paradise. Coconuts are picked from well-tended plantations and are ready to transform into food and healthcare products the world loves. Talk to us; whatever your need we can offer you tailor-made solutions.


Our team’s love affair with Ceylon Tea translates to over 75 years of experience in the Tea industry. Our Master Tea Tasters and Blenders go through more than 10,000 + samples of tea that are on offer each week and are ready to create exclusive blends for Tea Bags, Packets or Bulk Teas to suit each customer/country requirements from Sri Lanka, India, China, Kenya, Malawi and to the rest of the world.


It is a spice that has drawn the attention of the world for centuries. Harvested directly from the renowned Cinnamon strip in the south of the island, AgStar presents the world’s finest hand-picked Cinnamon. Unlike Cassia bark which is popularly mistaken for Cinnamon, true Cinnamon is distinct and offers a range of health benefits alongside superior flavour and fragrance.

AgStar Cinnamon offers consumers the opportunity to indulge in the original spice from Sri Lanka. Harvested and processed under stringent quality standards, AgStar’s export range of Cinnamon varieties suits the demanding needs of both domestic and industrial consumers around the world.

Sri Lanka’s tropical fruit possesses unique characteristics expressed in appearance and flavour to dazzle the world’s taste buds. These properties are often accompanied by nutritional benefits that make it attractive as a natural source of nutraceuticals.
We cultivate fruits in our contract farmer networks while ensuring the rich nutritional soil and climatic conditions, ensuring a world-class offering. Our stringent care spans from the supply chain to the end customer improving the quality and proper handling of fruits.

Our farming community and field officers monitor the yield continuously through the laborious hand-harvested and packing process ensuring optimal taste and freshness of our produce.

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As Sri Lanka looks to the future, AgStar will be right there with the sons and daughters of the soil, guiding them to a new sunrise.