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A bountiful harvest is every farmer’s dream! We earnestly provide the tools: Seeds, Fertilizer, CropCare and Agri-Tech. In a near two-decade crusade AgStar has reached out to farmers, home gardeners and planters – small and big – inspiring growth on the cutting-edge, caring all the while for the longevity of mother nature!  Our journey of excellence even expands to nutrition for all while taking the goodness of Sri Lanka to the world!


Growing in popularity as seeds that revolutionize yield as never before, AgStar’s seed bank includes Ran Beeja and PS Brands, together offering over 20 world-class products including Hybrid & OP Seeds.


AgStar is the trusted brand for facilitating the perfect environment for a higher yield. The range of Organic & Chemical Fertilizer is ideal for agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, home gardens and green houses.


Aiding the sustenance of the country’s agriculture community and sustainable agricultural practices, AgStar Crop Care markets a wide array of weedicides, fungicides insecticides and other tools of development.


AgStar pharmaceuticals are adding a whole new dimension to its journey, bringing the best of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals and veterinary products beyond agriculture including healthcare for people and animal husbandry.


Completing a one-stop in agricultural development is Agstar’s Agri Tech portfolio which is building a reputation for dependable and affordable agri machinery including tractors.

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Hailed for centuries as the world’s Garden of Eden, Sri Lanka is a haven for tropical riches – from exotic fruits and vegetable to the world’s finest teas and spices. AgStar is a buyer’s paradise for natural products of exemplary quality and freshness.



Earning a place for ourselves amongst the giants, ours is a quiet revolution that has grown and matured over nearly two decades. Winning the hearts and minds of people who look to Mother Nature for their livelihoods has been our quest in this centuries-old industry. Our success is built on bringing new thinking and new technology into the equation.

AgStar is a public-quoted company with a story of success fueled by a passion to build on shared values; a global ideology that calls on enterprises to find emphatic solutions to compelling issues faced by its market towards building a win-win for all – farmers, community, nature and the organization.

Agents of


Once known as the granary of the East, Sri Lanka is looking to invest in its rich soil in a bid to be self-sufficient in food. However, harsh ground realities have driven farmers to despair. They are in dire need of hope and help. AgStar has responded to the call, commissioning its Agents of Prosperity – a well-trained team to work alongside farmers as their guides towards obtaining higher yields.

Our agents of prosperity have been dispersed to farming communities to inspire true transformation, harnessing world-class agricultural products and progressive thinking.

From Kings to Countrymen

Listed amongst the world’s best known agricultural heritage sites, there is evidence that ancient Sri Lankan Kings built advanced hydraulics systems to reap rich dividends from the soil. Today, we seek to revisit the glory of those days by re-energizing our efforts to optimize our irrigation and yield.



By teaching farmers the natural science of maximizing the richness of the soil while being attuned to the dynamics of nature, AgStar is creating a new culture of profit applicable both to the farmer and the environment.

Farmer in transition

In today’s world of industrialization and exploitation, our farmers are at crossroads, unsure how to move forward. Ours is a crusade to help them step up traditional methods towards modern, sustainable practices.

Farmers small and big

From seed to fertilizer and crop care to the tool of the trade, we have the formula of success for farmers as we blaze a new trail in agriculture in Sri Lanka.

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AgStar is geared to steer agriculture towards a prosperous yield.


For those with beautiful dreams we offer total solutions – from seed to tech and know-how to helping horticulturalists to blossom into successful entrepreneurs.



Grow your way to year-round profits with our specialized solutions

Breaking the Shackles of Poverty

In an era where farmers struggle below the poverty line, the need-of-the-hour is a far-reaching and holistic approach to agriculture. Our farmer-centric approach points to a new era of hope and prosperity.

Agro Investors

Sri Lanka is a land of opportunity. As we comb the world for the finest seeds and agri-tech, extending to investors looking for promising projects in agriculture and agro forestry, we’d love to hear from passionate trailblazers.

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Talk to us about the latest investment opportunities with bountiful returns.


As our world swings on the pendulum of uncertainty, the message to the masses is loud and clear – cultivate your own home garden. Our easy-to-manage, proven home solutions will start you on your way towards the rewarding hobby of home gardening.

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Come discover our DIY home garden solutions

Investing in the Future

As the country seeks to become the granary it once was, we strive to preserve a rich legacy while at the same time empowering with the tools of the trade which will ensure his future.